Roadwire Auto Installs

Roadwire Auto Installs

Adding leather seats to your vehicle simply enhances your driving experience and makes car trips much more pleasurable. Not only that, but leather can also give your vehicle a luxurious look that rivals the top luxury vehicles and sports cars. Whether you are buying new seat covers or upgrading your cloth seats to the supple feel of leather, Roadwire Upholstery instantly transforms the look and feel of your vehicle.

With several different configurations to choose from, we’re sure Roadwire interiors can set your car apart from the other vehicles on the road. The Option is an authorized Roadwire dealer, so you’re only getting the best of the best.

About Roadwire

Roadwire has some of the most luxurious leather upholstery on the market today. Whether it is for the interior of your vehicle or for a full-blown diesel-pushing RV, The Option and Roadwire have you covered.

Roadwire is a custom product tailor-made for every vehicle. It converts your stock cloth car seats to premium leather seats you might find in a luxury vehicle. The leather covers are identical to your car’s original factory style. Even if your vehicle is an SUV, Roadwire upholstery can match your color and style.

Roadwire provides a wide range of colors to choose from, and they will even customize colors upon request. In addition, they not only provide luxury leather seats, but can also make your headliner leather, too!

Have a tired or sore back? Roadwire can add lumbar support, including inflatable segments or foam cores, by request.

Roadwire upholstery

The Option Co – Authorized Roadwire Dealer in Tucson

Roadwire Dealers

The Option is one of the only authorized Roadwire dealers in Tucson, Arizona. We provide Roadwire seat cover installation and other auto upholstery and custom upholstery services for the city of Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Roadwire offers a three-year warranty for its seat covers, and as a certified installer, we offer a three-year warranty also. You can come to us for any covered issues within those 3 years, and we will fix them for free.

At The Option, we help you get the most out of your new seat covers. Our technicians are trained in Roadwire installation by top Roadwire personnel. You can rest assured that your interior was in good hands before you slide into luxurious comfort in what will feel like a new car.

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